What Men Are Feeling: Why Women Refuse To Believe It's True

What Men Are Feeling: Why Women Refuse to Believe It's True
by perri iezzoni
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In order to understand a man’s feelings it is important to understand the situations in which these feelings occurred. For this book I use my mid-life crisis as the tool to provide you, the reader, an insight to why a man feels what he feels and why he keeps those feelings to himself. A mid-life crisis is a tangent to your circle of life. I was an outdoorsman raising two daughters. I could see one day they would leave the nest and my life would seem empty if I didn’t find a way to fill it back up again once they were on their own. Honestly, I thought birding would be the activity that would consume me but I was wrong, it was dancing. Learning to dance was a long and hard journey, the end of which I have not reached. It is an education in balance, self-control, self-awareness and the opposite sex. I am a nervous person and I think most people are though some are better at hiding it than others. I got stage fright simply thinking about asking a woman to join me on the dance floor. If I didn’t overcome that fear I was destined to become a monk and might as well strap on my hiking boots, put on my backpack and crawl into a cave somewhere in the hills. In an effort to understand my fear I began writing down what I was feeling........ Tango has been described as the three minute love affair. To get your partner to fall in love with you in such a short period of time is a trick that takes years to learn. To get there I needed to recognize that I was a complex individual but not nearly as complex as the woman I was holding close to me, her chest to my chest, her forehead resting upon my cheek. When I say, “love,” I don’t mean real love or physical love. The love I am talking about is the comfort of being in a loving relationship; it is a deep trust between strangers; it is a love without fear of reprisal from your partner that allows two people to move together in harmony to the music. It is two people working as a team to navigate a crowded dance floor while simultaneously choreographing dance steps to the rhythms and melodies of tango music. It is a love that is unique to tango and lasts only as long as the music is playing. I soon came to realize that a woman is a fantastic machine configured to reveal things about me that I never knew. This incredible creature is filled with thousands, maybe millions, of sensors that enable her to tune in to everything I am feeling when we embrace. Each woman reacted to my moods with one of her own that was equal or greater to mine. If I was afraid, so was she. If I was relaxed, so was she. When I lost my balance she would grab me for support.....I have invested a great deal of effort into the composition of my words so that they may flow effortlessly into your brain. I strive for the writer’s version of the tango connection with each reader who picks up my book. Let me tell you, “I love you,” and hope that you will believe it for the time you spend reading the words I have arranged so carefully, just for you. What follows is not meant to be a tango lesson. If however, you learn something about this strange dance consider it a bonus.


















What Men Are Feeling: Why Women Refuse to Believe It's True perri iezzoni












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